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Title: Impacts of climate change-measures and policies to promote community to respond to climate change in tourist destinations
Authors: Lê, Thanh Tú; Nguyễn, Ngọc Linh
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: Climate change is one of the biggest concerns of the countries throughout the world in general and Vietnam in particular. Vietnam has been identified as one of the countries that has most been severely affected by climate change such as rising average temperature, high-rising sea level, saline intrusion, flash floods, tube floods. etc. Those changes have directly impacted the lives of people in the community as well as the business activities of enterprises. One of the urgent measures for people to accommodate themselves to and cope with the impacts of climate change is to raise their awareness as well as to come up with policies and methods to support their means of subsistence and business activities. Through the article, the authors would like to suggest some measures to raise awareness of the community and propose some suggestions to encourage people in the community, especially those who are living in the tourist destinations, to participate in the response to climate change.
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